Who's next

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Weekly Monitor 1. October 2010.
Who's next

Somehow, by rule - whenever there is an attack on recalcitrant groups, the propaganda attempts to portray this as an incident, a coincidence which has nothing to do with the environment in which we live. Because, everything here is just fine: democracy is flourishing, the country is emerging from recession and is advancing towards Europe.

The sending of threatening letters to editors of Vijesti and TV Vijesti , and Professor Milan Popovic , was condemned by representatives of opposition parties, SDP and Igor Luksic of the ruling DPS . First reactions also came from abroad. However, in order to dilute the issue, the guardians of order overtook the stage.

Rumors that self addressed messages were written: you're done, you're next - have been diffused by subservient portals, the new agitprop of the top leadership. In anonymous comments, one could read that Vijesti are again messing around in order to raise circulation.

Just recall the nineties - Sarajevans threw bombs at Markale, Kosovo Albanians expelled themselves, and Milosevic led a peaceful policy.

And the same is happening here: the regime has nothing to do with the violence, it is only abiding by the standards. When Dusko Jovanovic was killed , the maestros immediately released hundred versions - that the crime has to do with Jovanovic's episode with the Hague Tribunal, that are stake are some unresolved financial accounts, that some lunatic went bizerque ... If so, how come that the case has not yet been resolved? Rumors reign where the justice is slow, or nonexistent.

When Zeljko Ivanovic was battered, things went a step further, and they started to process volunteers. When Podgorica Mayor Miomir Mugosa attacked editors and photographers of Vijesti, the state machine defended the Mayor and made of Mihailo Jovovic an abuser. Clearly - a lie has no boundaries, in a system that relies on constant bewildering of its subjects by constant manipulations, the more fantastic it is - the more successful it will be.

Although the freedom of media is one of the important political criteria for EU accession, over here in force is a project to put the professional media out of business. Oligarchic structures, through their paramedia, have perfected the art of generating illusion. Just look how milk and honey are flowing in the RTCG news programme. As Jelko Kacin put it precisely to Ranko Krivokapic :

"When I watch your public service, I get the feeling that Montenegro is chairing the European Union, and not that it should become a candidate for membership."

Media legislation is now less in line with EU acquis than it was at the beginning of the decade. New solutions, particularly with respect to the financing of public Radio and TV and the selecting of its Council, have undermined the foundations for creating a public service. Underway is a rapid activity to destroy the Law on Free Access to Information, so that the government can more easily hide information about shady partners and business ventures - from Moraca River hydropower plants to loans of Prime Minister Djukanovic and suspicious collaterals at his brother's bank.

Critics of the ruling order have become legitimate targets of violence, especially after Djukanovic's fatwas on the "embarrassing people" and the lawsuit in which the Prime Minister sought one million euros for emotional pain . Court claims on private media at this point exceed 13 million euros, while the pulling back of advertisers and the bankrupcy of large distributors are aimed at inflicting further economic drain. At the same time, parastatal daily Pobjeda, chaired by the Director of DPS, serves to stigmatise the disobedient. With money from state coffers.

During nineties, the establishment of private media, opposition parties and anti-war movement created the core of a rebellion from which something big could have arised. The authorities spent a lot of energy to break the points of resistance, stir quarrel or simply bribe. In that, it was more successful than in any other field. Resistance to the corrupt system today is weaker than resistance to war and violence of the nineties.

Sentences from the anonymous letter – you're done, you're next, fits naturally into the atmosphere in which the majority accepted Djukanovic as the lesser evil. While the great evil lies in the opposition and opponents who have not agreed to keep quiet about the nature of this regime.

But, as Hannah Arendt said it accurately – the accepting of lesser evil is deliberately used to prepare the entire population for docile acceptance of evil as such.

Milka Tadic Mijovic


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