In spite of everything

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Monitor weekly editorial, 15 October 2010
In spite of everything

When Monitor was founded twenty years ago, Montenegro was also a corrupt and neglected civilization. It made the fortieth part of the Yugoslav population, and gave the sixth or eighth part of the federal establishment. Montenegrins defended this privilege by playing the role of guardians of the revolution. Regardless of which side were they or their predecessors in World War II, the vast majority was ready to crush anyone who would dare to challenge in any form the communist dictatorship.

Therefore, changes in 19891 only rejuvenated the regime. Young careerists from various committees were worse than their creators. Any ideology that would install them in power and grant them privileges was equally good to them. They supported the Great Serbian chauvinism and fascist ideas and led Montenegro into crimes not remembered in its history.

Monitor, since its establishement in 1990, was the voice of the Other Montenegro. The one that, after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, wanted to restore independence and transform Montenegro into a European democracy. It was the voice of the minority who took over the mission of the initiator of change.

The regime welcomed us as enemies. Then, as now, they sent on us all their troops. Prosecutors, judiciary, Arkan's2 men, the voice of čepuraka3, public and secret services, bombs and thugs. They were hundreds of thousands. Us and our readers, in the beginning - a few hundred. The spark burnt by the Liberal Alliance, Monitor, and Social Reformers4, gradually turned into a flame.

Eventually, it grew into a fire that was visible from European capitals and Washington. On the waves of energy produced by the Other Montenegro, world leaders persuaded the lucrative leaders of Montenegrin regime to change. For treason / abandonment of Milosevic, they promised them amnesty from crime. And the opportunity to manage the redistribution of national wealth after the collapse of communism.

Fraction of the DPS5 to whom power and wealth were more important than Serbianhood and the Nemanjićes6 accepted the offer and became an ally of the West. They took over the flag of independism and stood up for imminent Euro-Atlantic integration.

Unpunished criminals, by nature, produced a criminalized society. Corruption and organized crime of unimaginable proportions.

In 1990, Monitor founders assessed that at least two decades would be necessary for our ideas to win. In terms of calendar, independence was restored more quickly, but Montenegro as it is today - is not what Monitor stood up for.. Montenegro is currently one of the most corrupt countries in the world. A cartridge with no content, a civilization havoc. To recover from this situation will require at least another two decades. Regardless of the fact that accession to the European Union will probably be considerably faster.

For Montenegro, Monitor is as essential today as it was in 1990. Again, as the voice of the minority that initiates change. Change of consciousness that gave birth to the present situation so that the future can be different.

Today, this role is much harder to achieve than twenty years ago. The regime has expanded the interests and sins, and is threatening and beating more fiercely than ever. There is no social anomaly in the recent past and/or present in which the regime's top leadership does not play a major role.

When one writes about war and war crimes, the story inevitably leads to its leaders, because they were instigators of war and crimes. When one talks about the looting of the former socially owned property and privatization, the road leads back to the top authorities. When it comes to today's corruption and organized crime, the role of the regime becomes apparent. It is impossible to write about narco business and not see that in Montenegro, with six hundred thousand people, one cannot smuggle thousands of pounds of drugs a year without the government learning about it.

Monitor's editors today have a harder time than any of us had who founded the weekly. There are no more Liberals7 and Social Democrats8 to share the burden with Monitor and multiply the voice of resistance. The small population is a too tiny market for successful media projects such as the Monitor. The new class of rich Montenegrins does not have the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates. The majority of them were made rich by the authorities who share the power with them. In such circumstances, it is difficult to find donors as was Ćano Koprivica9 and other founders.

Nonetheless, I believe that Monitors will succeed in their mission of disturbing. In spite of everything.

Miodrag Perovic

1 January 1989 - Coup staged by Slobodan Milosevic and his Montenegrin communist party followers who are still governing the state and are now led by Milo Djukanovic
2 Zeljko Arkan - Chief of paramilitary troops and infamous criminal boss
3 Cepurci – Podgorica graveryard, also nickname of state owned daily Pobjeda
4 Liberal Alliance and Social Reformers – former pro-democratic and anti-war parties
5 Democratic Party of Socialists – Communist Party successors in power since the 1989 coup
6 Nemanjici – medieval Serbian dynasty
7 Liberal Alliance froze all political activities in 2005
8 Social Democrats - Social Reformists' successors, junior coalition partners since 1998
9 Cano Koprivica – Monitor co- founder, along with Miodrag Perovic, author of the text


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